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Project description: Team Vis Viva was the second of four teams to work with Elizabeth Forward School District, Beth Center School District, and Chevron to transform a traditional classroom into an interactive space where middle school students can learn about energy.


With a strong focus on geology and seismic mapping, the team is created an an interactive installation and game where students are faced with the challenge of mapping the earth underneath its surface and locating fossil fuels. Students have access to different sets of tools and information and must work together to solve their layer-mapping puzzle and ultimately save Pittsburgh from an energy crisis!


Role: Programmer │ Time: 16 weeks │Date: Spring, 2015


Teammates: Hyunghwan Byun, Yu-Cheng (Larry) Chang, Rose Heid, Maoyang Li, Qing Mao, Adarsh Telekadan Puthiyaveettil


Project Website:

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